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Composite materials, high-strength modern materials, with excellent performance and high practicality

2020-04-23 15:19:57 嘉兴恒隆复合材料有限公司 Viewd 1253

There are many new types of materials that we have not heard of. They generally have a high-level professional term, such as composite materials. It may be a bit strange to hear its name, but it appears in all aspects of our lives and is still profound. Affect our production and lifestyle.

Composite materials are two or more materials with different properties and performances. They are combined through special technologies and processes. The original properties of various materials are unchanged, and the complementary lengths are short, so that the performance is improved. Composite materials generally have more powerful properties than single materials.

In nature, many substances can be regarded as composite materials. Bamboo and wood are composed of cellulose and lignin. Animal bones are composed of brittle and hard inorganic phosphate and soft and tough protein bone glue. It is a composite material that is both strong and tough.

In production and life, people have created a large number of composite materials, ranging from small tables and chairs at home to aircraft rockets. The shadow of composite materials can be seen everywhere. Most high-strength modern materials are composite materials.

In the aerospace field, due to the good thermal stability, high specific strength and specific rigidity of composite materials, it is used to manufacture aircraft wings, front fuselages, satellite antennas and supporting structures, engine shells and structural parts of space shuttles, etc. .

In the automotive industry, composite materials have special vibration damping characteristics, which can reduce vibration and noise, and have good anti-fatigue performance. It is easy to repair after damage and is easy to form. It can be used to manufacture car bodies, stressed components, and transmission shafts. , Engine mount and its internal components.

In the fields of chemical industry, textile and machinery manufacturing, carbon fiber and resin matrix composite materials with good corrosion resistance can be used to manufacture chemical equipment, textile machines, paper machines, copiers, high-speed machine tools and precision instruments.

It is conceivable that if there is no composite material, the world should not be what it is now. Whether it is people's daily life, transportation, or technological development in the fields of information, communication, and manufacturing, they are closely related to composite materials.

Composite tensile deformation measurement

The performance of the composite material is different from that of its component materials. It maintains certain characteristics of the raw materials, and the improved performance of strength, stiffness, toughness, hardness, life, corrosion resistance, etc. can be obtained when the composite material is formed. By controlling and adjusting the ratio and process of raw materials, composite materials with different properties can be obtained. It is a novel material that can be designed for performance.

The study of the mechanical properties of composite materials is critical to the design and selection of materials. A university laboratory designed the tensile test of the composite material, and used XTDIC's XTDIC three-dimensional full-field strain measurement and analysis system to conduct image acquisition and data analysis on the experimental process, aiming to study the tensile test of the composite material sample. The resulting deformation, thereby analyzing its mechanical properties.

When the tensile testing machine started to work, the XTDIC system synchronously carried out image acquisition until the composite material specimen broke, stopped and completed the acquisition, and calculated and analyzed the collected data.

Composite materials have excellent performance and high practicality. Without composite materials, the world will lose a lot of convenience and comfort. In addition, the mechanical properties of composite materials have its complexity and particularity. It is necessary to express the mechanical properties of composite materials with data before they can be better used in the production of various fields.

In this experiment, the non-contact Xintuo three-dimensional XTDIC three-dimensional full-field strain measurement and analysis system was used to measure the sample in full field, and the strain and deformation conditions were analyzed during the stretching process. It can be understood that the composite material is under tensile stress. The ability of materials to resist elongation and deformation and fracture characteristics in the elastic and plastic ranges.

From the analysis results of the experimental data, it can be seen that as the tensile experiment is carried out, the specimen produces obvious deformation and displacement, and the displacement value and strain value of the key parts continue to increase. Due to the effect of tensile stress, the key parts of the specimen are broken due to fracture. . By collecting records and measuring and analyzing the failure mode of the tested specimens, data reflecting the mechanical properties of the materials can be obtained and compared with the limit element simulation data to better guide the research, design and optimization of composite materials.

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