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Swedish Biteam develops carbon fiber-based small-section tapered tubes

2020-04-23 15:27:14 嘉兴恒隆复合材料有限公司 Viewd 1112

Swedish 3D weaving company Biteam has developed a carbon fiber-based small-section special-shaped conical tube reinforcement for the production of strong and lightweight composite structures.

It is single-walled and has a length of about half a meter. The front cross-section is about 3x3mm, and the rear cross-section is about 8x3mm.

It can be customized to accommodate suitable cameras or sensors, probes, light sources, etc. Such pipes can be connected to drones or robots to inspect aircraft, windmill blades and buildings. Its other emerging uses are robotic fixtures, space probe antennas, and cores with certain tapered sandwich structures.

Its relatively small size also allows it to reach areas that are inaccessible or difficult to reach. The reinforcement can be customized in different ways according to the specific application requirements.